We have PROPANE appliances, refrigerators, ranges, demand water heaters, gas lamps, Solar, Wind and Propane Generators & more!

Aztec Off Grid Solutions is your one-stop shop for all things solar, wind, propane and off-grid! We have solutions for grid-tied solar systems to work with B.C. Hydro to lower your hydro bills! We have propane and solar freezers and fridges, propane ranges and cooktops, wind generators, propane and solar generators, batteries, portable and flexible solar kits and so much more! We also supply all of the necessary charge controllers, inverters, fittings, hoses, wire, regulators, piping and parts for all of the above! Let us show you how to get started in solar with one of our solar classes both in grid-tied or off-grid applications!

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Why work with us?

  • We are licensed, qualified and experienced solar designers and propane technicians
  • We have been in business on Vancouver Island for over 30 years (formerly Aztec Appliances Ltd.)
  • We are focused on providing our grid-tied and off-grid customers with solutions that will meet their individual needs
  • We are not a Big Box store
  • We are not selling tires, groceries or lumber
  • We are not here for a short term sale
  • We are not too busy to develop a relationship with our customers
  • Professional, experienced and accurate advice
  • We do our best to source our products locally first, then within Canada, then North America when available
  • We build relationships with our customers and pride ourselves on continuing those relationships once they are established
  • Focused on meeting the customer’s goals and solving the customer’s challenges

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