About Us

About Aztec Off Grid Solutions

Aztec Off Grid Solutions started in Nanaimo in 1982 as Aztec Appliances Ltd. In 1993, Aztec Appliances Ltd. launched Propane West as a division by acquiring Superior Propane’s parts department. This was Aztec’s introduction to the off-grid market. With customers who were living completely off the grid in places like Horne Lake and on Lasqueti Island, we quickly became one of the largest suppliers of off-grid equipment in Western Canada.

With big box stores moving in and the inability to compete on price with stores that could sell appliances for less than Aztec could get them from their wholesalers a decision was made to focus more on the off-grid side of the business. In 2013, Aztec moved from our home of 30 years in downtown Nanaimo to an even larger building at 3076 Barons Road in the central part of the city. This move allowed for a large showroom to showcase our large selection of off-grid products and solar solutions.

Knowledge, Experience and Expertise in OffGrid and Grid Tied Solutions

We have the knowledge, expertise and understanding of the grid-tied and off-grid solutions and we know we can help you find the best options for your unique situation. Whether you are looking to lower your hydro bill, get off the grid or lower your carbon footprint, we are here to help. We strive to give the best possible customer service to all of our customers. We don’t just hand you a box and send you on your way we make sure that you understand what the rules are for installation, what the safety concerns are for each product and how each piece of equipment works so that you leave here knowing that you are in good hands and have received the best advice possible.

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